Refund Policy

Any products that are delivered to the customer in unsatisfactory condition may be returned to the pickup site, or documented in photographs and sent to, within 24 hours of delivery. The item will either be replaced, or you will receive a credit for the item. You may use our Contact Us form to communicate any problems with your order.

All orders submitted must be paid for; refunds are not available if you forget an item at the pick-up site, or forget to get your order entirely.

If you forget to pick up your products at your Pickup location, we will return them to our main aggregation location at the end of the order window.  You may pick up your order during pickup hours on Friday, and potentially Saturday some weeks.  You will be notified of your order status if not picked up by Friday at noon, and your order will be donated on Saturday at noon.  Refunds will not be offered for donated orders, but tax donation receipts will.  

Because of the complexity of our distribution systems, we must charge a $5 administrative fee for orders that are cancelled or changed after end of sales on Monday at noon.  You will not be charged for your order, unless it has been delivered to a pickup location or your home or business.

Lot tracing is active on all of our Products.  If you experience any serious food safety concerns, please notify us immediately at  If the concern is substantiated, we will refund your order, if desired.  We take food safety very seriously, and will perform recalls as necessary on any products that demonstrate contamination.