Open Ridge Farm
Contact: Gretchen Ferrell
Address: 66 AF Simmons Road Burnsville, NC, 28714
Email Address:
Phone: 828-284-7073
About Us
Nestled at the base of Mt. Mitchell, where clean water flows abundantly, is Open Ridge Farm. We are a small, family-run market garden. From fruit and nut trees to vegetables and hot peppers, we work to build healthy soil through regenerative methods, providing nutrient-dense food for our community. Our sauces are built around the flavors of the peppers we carefully cultivate each year, crafted in small batches right here on our farm. We are passionate about our gardens and our hot sauce, and you can taste that in every bottle!

We practice (non-certified) organic, "no-till" agriculture. We aim to grow nutrient rich soil, which yields nutrient rich food for our community. We never apply synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. With our experience and passion rooted in permaculture, we found production agriculture didn't seem to have much precedent for incorporating so many tenants of what we knew as good practice (mulching, intercropping, etc). Using the methods small scale farmers were following at the time created more questions than answers for us in 2013. After a couple of years following what seemed to be normal efficiency-oriented market gardening practices, we decided to instead follow our hearts. We stopped tilling and started mulching, and our plants are showing their gratitude. We are constantly learning and adapting, and aim to make all decisions rooted in health: of soil, ecosystems, climate, as well as our bodies and yours. Fortunately, those things all work together.