Trantham Family Farm
Contact: Doug and Amy Trantham
Address: 137 Trantham Farm Road Canton, NC, 28716
Email Address:
Phone: 828-506-1314
About Us
We started the farm to produce healthy food for our family and the local community while improving the soil and environment. In 2018 we purchased a 4 acre tract in Bethel NC near where we grew up. We currently have a small apiary, high tunnel greenhouse, blue berries, raspberries and pastured poultry. In addition to producing food for our growing family (grandkids!), we are experimenting with small scale production for sale. We routinely offer honey and eggs. In our high tunnel greenhouse, we are producing carrots, bok choy and beets in the winter, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in the summer.
We utilize organic processes in all aspects of production. We practice no till cultivation to build the soil rather than deplete it. We apply compost and worm castings, which we produce ourselves, and other organic amendments such as feather and kelp meal. When pesticides are necessary, we use only those which are approved for organic production. We are learning about permaculture and apply these concepts when possible.