Health and Honesty
Contact: Christine Scott
City: Marshall, NC, 28753
Email Address:
Phone: 360-865-0365
About Us
Health and Honesty is a small homestead in Marshall, NC that focuses on health and nutrition. After two of our sons were diagnosed with health issues, we turned to food as medicine and haven't looked back. Our journey to grow nutrient dense food has led us into regenerative farming practices with crop rotation, animal rotation, and permaculture concepts that all come together for a healthier environment, healthier food, and a healthier you.
Health and Honesty farms without the use of chemicals. We don't even use products sprayed with chemicals (such as glyphosate). This also extends to plastics; no plastics breaking down into the soil from tarps, and no plastic water containers leaching synthetic estrogens for our farm friends to eat or drink.