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Cornerstone Tea began as a catering business for Steph and her family over a decade ago. It has had several permutations, from mobile catering to brick and mortar teahouse, all the way to the current iteration of farmer’s market sales. Steph enjoys serving her community with the best tea she can get her hands on, and helping each customer find a cuppa they will absolutely adore with individualized customer service and good humor.
One of the tenets of Cornerstone’s product is quality, showcased by a clear front to the packaging. There’s no hiding the beauty and quality of excellent tea, and the product shows it! The poly ziplock-top bag maintains a freshness that can surpass 4 months. Additionally, the light packaging makes the tea an easy gift to transport or ship, and puts an otherwise perceived luxury item within the budget and lifestyle of everyone. Combining all of this with small batches and quick turnover, Cornerstone ensures that only the freshest, tastiest, and most drinkable teas make it to the customer’s cup. We love our blends, and take great pride in their painstakingly tailored perfection. We hope you love them too!