Sunburst Trout Farms
Contact: Wes Eason
Address: 314 Industrial Park Drive Waynesville , NC, 28786
Email Address:
Phone: 800-673-3051
About Us
The Sunburst Trout Company, LLC was founded in 1985. Today, Wes and Ben own the farm, and have become the #FamilyGrown face of Sunburst Trout Farms. We have also moved forward into a 12,000sqft building in the town of Waynesville that was completed in March 2016. The fish are not city folk and still live at our Lake Logan site. Our new processing facility has four indoor recirculating tanks, and with a current staff of over 25 we have grown into the second largest trout supplier in North Carolina. Our indoor recirculating tanks also gives us the opportunity to expand into agritourism for visitors and school groups. We invite you to come visit our exciting and ever growing adventure!
•Sustainably Raised in waters from the Shining Rock National Wilderness
•3rd generation family-owned & operated
•Hormone Free
•Mammalian by-product Free
•Certified lab tested free of PCB's, Mercury, or any pesticides