Shanti Elixirs
Contact: Shanti Volpe
Address: 92 Dorothy Lille Ln Weaverville, NC, 28787
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Phone: 838-351-4879
About Us
Shanti Elixirs is a woman-owned business located in Asheville, NC brewing handcrafted small-batch Jun, a fermented + sparkling probiotic beverage made with raw honey and organic green tea. A cousin to Kombucha, Jun has a light, smooth, & unique flavor profile and is rich in probiotics and healthy acids promoting a happy gut, healthy body and positive mind. Some even refer to Jun as the “Champagne of Kombucha”. Our Jun is a non-alcoholic + gluten free beverage perfect to drink on its own, or as a mixer. Shanti Elixirs is dedicated to nurturing the intimate connection between the health of our bodies, and the well being of our planet. In every bottle, we are spreading love, peace and good vibes.