Blazing Star Flowers
Contact: Suzanne Nolter
Address: 228 Mag Sluder Road Alexander, NC, 28701
Email Address:
Phone: 828-484-1123
About Us
Blazing Star Flowers is a small cut-flower farm and floral design studio. We are located at the SAHC Community Farm in Alexander, NC, as part of the Incubator Farmer Program. Over 200 varieties of specialty flowers are grown from seed, tended with care, and lovingly arranged to send more beauty and joy out into the world. You can also enjoy our flowers through our weekly flower CSA, at Tailgate Markets in the Asheville area, or as custom designs for special events, weddings, and elopements. See our website for more details.
Blazing Star Flowers is committed to using sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming methods. We approach land stewardship with responsibility and gratitude. Management decisions are made with reverence for the health of soil, pollinators, water resources, and the natural habitats surrounding our farm.