Full Sun Farm
Contact: Vanessa Campbell
Address: 90 Bald Creek Rd. Leicester, NC, 28748
Email Address:
Phone: 828-713-1077
About Us
Our farm is located northwest of Asheville in beautiful Big Sandy Mush Valley. We cultivate five acres of a variety of vegetables, cut flowers and berries. Since 1997, we have been been selling our certified naturally grown produce at local tailgate markets, and since 2001, through our CSA.
For the health of our soil, ourselves, our customers and our community, we grow using organic methods. This includes extensive cover cropping, as little tillage as we can manage, careful selection of varieties suited to our growing conditions, scouting for pests, introducing beneficial micro and macro organisms, and judicial use of OMRI approved sprays when necessary. We have been certified organic in the past but are not now. All of our produce is sold directly to the end user and we welcome questions about our growing practices and methods.