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Connect and Savor life’s little moments with better bitters aperitifs.
Savor Shrub Bitters are aromatic fruit & herb concentrates, preserved in living apple cider vinegar, enjoyed neat, in seltzer, as mixers, or even hot, like a toddy or tea. They’re the perfect before dinner aperitif or after-dinner mixer. Think kombucha, but made just for mixing! For instance, Lemon Spruce-Rite becomes a Lemon Spruce-RITA with a smidgen of salt, 6 oz chilled water and a pour of your favorite tequila. Every ounce is full of healthy probiotics and bitters and makes an amazing bar-quality cocktail or mocktail. 5 mouthwateringly good (and good for you!) flavors to choose from.

Make your own bespoke margarita!
Blend 1 oz Lemon Spruce-Rite with 20 ice cubes and 1/2 oz simple syrup. Optional, 2 oz of your favorite clear tequila. May add a splash of chilled water to get your blender to whirl, but not much water! Have 12 oz margarita glasses ready and rimmed with jalapeno margarita salt. Garnish with a thin slice of watermelon. Serves 2, made in 5.

Bonus Recipe with Lemon Spruce-Rite Shrub Bitters:
Simply mix 1 oz with 1 tsp simple syrup and 4 oz seltzer for a mocktail lemon-lime fizzy. Want a more adult beverage? Add a jigger of smooth vodka and stir. Garnish with a twist of lemon rubbed around the lip.

Have fun and invent a number of other creative uses! Delicious as a marinade and salad dressing. Keep Refrigerated.

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Savor Shrub Bitters' small-batch, farm-to-table sensibilities influence its fragrant flavors, blended to perfection from bitters and juicy fruits, harvested at peak seasonal ripeness.
Savor seeks to locally source as many of our own ingredients as possible. We grow many aromatic herbs and flowers for our digestive bitters. Only organic fertilizers are used, and chemical free pest control methods, like companion planting, on land that has never been commercially farmed.
When ingredients are purchased rather than grown, Savor seeks to purchase in this order of priority: organic, local, fresh. Savor places a high priority on quality, seeking to bring you the highest standard product possible. We'll take care of that just do the sippin and savoring.