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Connect and Savor life’s little moments with better bitters aperitifs.
Savor Shrub Bitters are aromatic fruit & herb concentrates, preserved in living apple cider vinegar, enjoyed neat, in seltzer, as mixers, or even hot, like a toddy or tea. They’re the perfect before dinner aperitif or after-dinner mixer. Think kombucha, but made just for mixing! For instance, Lemon Spruce-Rite becomes a Lemon Spruce-RITA with a smidgen of salt, 6 oz chilled water and a pour of your favorite tequila. Every ounce is full of healthy probiotics and bitters and makes an amazing bar-quality cocktail or mocktail. 7 mouthwateringly good (and good for you!) flavors to choose from.

Make your own bespoke margarita!
Blend 1 oz Lemon Spruce-Rite with 20 ice cubes and 1/2 oz simple syrup. Optional, 2 oz of your favorite clear tequila. May add a splash of chilled water to get your blender to whirl, but not much water! Have 12 oz margarita glasses ready and rimmed with jalapeno margarita salt. Garnish with a thin slice of watermelon. Serves 2, made in 5.

Bonus Recipe with Lemon Spruce-Rite Shrub Bitters:
Simply mix 1 oz with 1 tsp simple syrup and 4 oz seltzer for a mocktail lemon-lime fizzy. Want a more adult beverage? Add a jigger of smooth vodka and stir. Garnish with a twist of lemon rubbed around the lip.

Have fun and invent a number of other creative uses! Delicious as a marinade and salad dressing. Keep Refrigerated.

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Savor Shrub Bitters' small-batch, farm-to-table sensibilities influence its fragrant flavors, blended to perfection from bitters and juicy fruits, harvested at peak seasonal ripeness.